Mina Al Fajer Real Estate LLC

Mina Al Fajer.

Master planned around nature.

In almost every part of the world, the most enduring projects are those that draw inspiration from the surrounding culture, geography and natural history. The vision of Mina Al Fajer literally flows out of Fujeirah's landscape and is reminiscent of its forms of nature. Conceptually, the master plan has maintained strong connections between the water, sand, mountain, sun and the sky-resonation with the emirate's topography.

Each of the sections within this master plan owes allegiance to a form of nature.
The Marina strengthen the connection with the Water, the Sea.
The Marina Apartments are the edifices that stand on the origins of the rich Arabian Sands.
The Mountain Villas glorify the presence of the lofty Hajar Mountains.
The Solarium Villas reflect the splendid eastern exposure to the Sun.
The Fairmont Hotel managed by the well reputed Fairmont Hotels & Resorts defines limitless luxuries under the open Sky.

For the few who will call it home, Mina Al Fajer is not just a residence but a place to live in unparalleled luxury and without compromise. Look at it from different places and it looks unique from every side. But whatever you see it from, Mina Al Fajer is surely a project planned for success.