Mina Al Fajer Real Estate LLC

Marina. A lifestyle beyond compare.

Today Marina living has come to be one of the most desirable and sought-after lifestyles in the world. Mina Al Fajer awaits you with the exclusivity, the status and all the rewards of Marina living.

Resonating with Fujeirah's natural topography and the connection with the sea. Mina Al Fajer is amongst one of the world's most meticulously planned waterfront developments.

It offers you the exhilaration and vibrancy of a chic, urban lifestyle together with all the advantages of owning a home on the water. Unobstructed views across the marina, fresh sea breezes and the experience of a lifestyle most people can only dream about.

There are a multitude of experiences at Mina Al Fajer. Cosmopolitan restaurants, boardwalks with exclusive shopping facilities all create a truly captivating environment. From fishing, yachting, jogging to socializing with your neighbor, the atmosphere is always warm and inviting, just like a true marina. And with over a 100 berths you can easily turn your dreams of watching your boat from the warmth of your home a reality.

Some go on a vacation. Some simply go home.